15 Steps To build your own websites from zero with out any programming.

1.Choose a domain: Go to a domain registrar, search for your domain & purchase it online. Eg: www.godaddy.com
2.Buy a hosting plan appropriate to your website from a hosting provider. Eg: Go to www.bluehost.com or hostgator.
3.Point the domain to the hosting space by changing DNS at the domain account.
4.Create an add on domain at the hosting space by creating a folder corresponding to the website going to build.
5.Install wordpress at the created folder in the hosting space.Website with the basic default wordpress theme will be installed.
6.Go to back end of the website using domainname/wp-admin, uname & pwd (Eg: www.example.com/wp-admin then enter uname & pwd)
7.Go to Dashboard>>>Setting and set your time,location and if required create extra users for the website or blog.
8.Go to Dashboard>>>Appearence>>>Themes to choose the appropriate themes and finalise the theme
9.Create Required pages and posts for your website by add new page or posts.
10.Upload required images, videos, documents to the website through media library.
11.Create appropriate internal and external links on the websites.
12.Go to Dashboard>>>Appearence>>>Customize to custonmize the theme for your data and requirements.
13.Install Plug-ins for extra functionality for your website. Go to Install plug-in>>>> Add new>> Search plug-in and install & configure it.
14.Arrange the elements of the website such as widgets,header,footer details in proper order and finalize the site.
15.YOUR WEBSITE IS READY !!! and to reach maximum visiblity of your website on internet start doing SEO.